Catering Breakfast Packages

Package One

Orange juice

Breakfast burrito

Southwest potatoes with peppers, onions, chorizo, and cheese

Fresh fruit tray

$7.15 per person

Package Two

Orange juice

Fresh fruit tray

Pancakes or French toast

Sausage links

Scrambled eggs

Potatoes o'brien

$8.95 per person

Package Three

Orange juice

Fresh fruit tray

Biscuits and gravy

Scrambled eggs

Cheesy hash browns

$9.25 per person

A la carte

Belgian waffles with syrup and butter $3.75 each
French toast with syrup and butter $2.00 each
Breakfast burrito with fresh salsa $2.50 each
Pancakes (3) with syrup and butter $2.50 per person
Bacon(3) or Sausage(2) $2.15 per person
Scrambled eggs $1.50 per person
Potatoes o'brien $.80 per person
Whole fruit $1.00 per person
Sliced fruit $1.65 per person
Assorted breakfast breads $1.25 per person
Individual yogurts $1.25 per person
Orange juice (bottle) $1.50 per person

15 person minimum

All prices subject to tax and delivery charges

Packages come with paper plates, napkins, and utensils